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Eater Inside: Bashan Restaurant

Bashan, Alen Lin, 9/16/07

In our (new) quest to bring you Inside snaps of places in far off neighborhoods, here we have Bashan Restaurant near Montrose. The menu is as short and sweet as the place is small and simple: Dishes like sweet corn ravioli with shishito peppers, crispy veal sweetbreads, Baja red snapper with artichokes and crayfish, plus a few standards like chocolate bread pudding and NY strip steak thrown in for good measure. The latter might have more to do with the neighborhood than what the chef's capable of: Nadav Bashan worked at Michael's and Providence, so the pedigree is there. It's yet to be seen if Bashan could be a destination restaurant or just a good new option for those living in the foothills, but it's worth a look around.

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