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La Boheme Resurfaces as Cafe La Boheme Soon

WEHO: While chef Christine Banta told us herself that La Boheme would close for renovations in July, we hear from PR that it officially reopens on October 8 as Cafe La Boheme. The space was redesigned by Marget "Peg" O'Brien, who did the original restaurant. Fom the description, it sounds more casual and not so dramatic: No tablecloths, tromp l'oeil, jewel tones and mosaics; now private booths, wicker, and a bigger bar/lounge. Banta's menu will be more rustic and still seasonal, and she was obviously influenced by her recent trip to Japan (spicy albacore soy wrap with shallots and shiso, edamame pesto fettuccine, catfish with black rice, etc.). The restaurant will open daily at 5pm.
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