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Pre-Plywood Special: New French in Fairfax District

FAIRFAX: The former Black Sea space on Fairfax is one of those places we constantly get queried about, and we'll get tidbits of information but never a full picture. Until today. First, this from a tipster: "So...months after the online rumor that Ben Ford was planning to bring an upscale burger and beer concept to the old Black Sea space on neo-hip Fairfax, I see that a change of ownership sign has finally gone up, though I presume it bears no relation to the aforementioned plan."

Never heard about Ford's involvement, but we know Brad Johnson (not the Angeleno food critic, the one whose company managed the now-defunct Windows downtown) had some connection to the space. The new business name on the application is Mec Restaurant et Bar with a Lawrence Rudolph as the principal. Now this could either be Larry Rudolph, the former GM at Dominick's, or Larry Rudolph, the former GM of Britney Spears, but we'll lean toward the former for obvious reasons. After a little Googling, we learn that 'mec' is French for 'dude'. So let's assume, if we're right, Mec will have that casual, everyman Dominick's vibe but with escargot instead of meatballs. Story developing.