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Top Chef Tease: "I'm a Big Gay Chef"

The video has been removed because you probably watched the show by now.

He was our LA connection, the Jolly Green Giant That Could, the redwood that couldn't fall, but alas, CJ is gone. Now we have little to care about with Top Chef. Eh, after a few glasses of wine we'll probably forget CJ as quickly as whoever those other 10 chefs were while we watch tonight. It's down to the final five, and we finally find out who goes to Aspen for that episode we knew was filming but couldn't infiltrate. Instead of spoilers or speculation, we'll replace our words with those of Dale's: "I'm just a big gay chef and I'm going to out cook your ass." There's just a nibble more above, but be warned of the annoying intro. Much more mañana.
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