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Top Chef: A Non-CJ Recap and Predictions

Even without CJ as our muse, some thoughts. We picked Dale or Sara to go next. As soon as Dale said he and Casey became good friends, we thought he was a goner. But Sara it is, and rightfully so. Nothing personal.

We knew Hung would have this week in the bag. Did you see him chopping the leeks and smiling at everyone? Show off. And there was no reason he should have told the other chefs how to do the Le Cirque dish. It's a competition. Sheesh.

We now heart Casey. Not only is she the last woman standing, but she's impressed everyone, even our "reality" show jaded souls. We're afraid of our own curse, but take Hung and Casey in the final two.

If the past cheftestants are called back to help the finalists in Aspen, and we believe they were, CJ will be on Casey's team because she always liked have the redwood by her side. She'll probably pick Lia, too, and Hung will go with Tre because, as he told us, he was the "only one worth competing against."

What the hell was Brian thinking serving a big "pile of green poo," as Dale called it, to a panel of esteemed culinarians? Don't care if it tastes good, it looked repulsive. Is the final four the end of the line for him, or could that foreshadowing in the form of a giggle mean he gets even farther. We'll see.

What was with chef Tom aggressively telling the French chef what coq au vin should be? Um, we think he knows, Tom. Bien. Next week, as we know, the final four head to Aspen and Eric Ripert is a judge. See a little preview here. The end.
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