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Alinea Book, Achatz's First, Now Available for Pre-Order

On the heels of news that Chicago's Grant Achatz is 75% out of the woods in his battle with cancer, his first book, the Alinea Book, is now available for pre-order. It's not your standard presale situation, however, hence our mentioning it here. First of all, the book comes out in the fall of 2008—that's a year from now. Second through fourth of alls, it's Achatz first book and promises full documentation of the wonders of Alinea to date; the book already has a shiny website complete with a video trailer of, somehow, the book; and pre-ordering gets you access to Alinea Mosaic, something of an online community for the Achatz-obsessed. What it doesn't get you is a table at Alinea, alas, but quite the show nevertheless. At $50 a pop, we're reserving a case.
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