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Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Hit LA

We watched old Gordon Ramsay's new show last week---Kitchen Nightmares, where the antagonistic chef "helps" a struggling restaurant get back on its feet, and by "helps" we mean "criticizes, yells, berates, wreaks havoc," similar to how he treats the contestants on Hell's Kitchen. For entertainment value, we thought the show was hilarious, but the focus is much more chaos than culinary (again, like HK), so it's like eating a fried bacon-wrapped hot dog-on-a-stick dipped in sugar: disgusting, yet somehow kind of delicious. We assume FOX and the producers want to keep each episode under wraps until it airs (because nothing's listed on the website and because the FOX rep ignored our emails), but Mike at Franklin Avenue divulges a few local spots that the Gordo crew hit for the series: The Secret Garden in Moorpark, some place in Tujunga, and Delmonico's on Pico which closed before the series aired was on tap but closed before the filming crews arrived (note: we read too fast). We now know that location is becoming kosher-sushi spot Mamash in a few weeks. Ramsay was sued by one NYC restaurateur that appears on the show and criticized for fakery. Fake? FOX? Ramsay? Come on. Kitchen Nightmares airs on Wednesdays at 9pm.
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