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The Happy Ending Looks Kinda Sad Today

HOLLYWOOD: We know, we know, again with the Hollywood. That's just where the news is coming from today. Here we have a rather good iPhone snap of The Happy Ending on Sunset Boulevard, and it doesn't look quite so happy today. We got this announcement from Thrillist last week, which generally means something's open, but chef and co-owner Matthew Gladstone told us that hopefully by "mid next week." Which puts us at today with that sad picture. Gladstone told Thrillist about the cocktails obviously named by frat boys (Blow Jobs, Red Headed Sluts, etc.); to us, he touts "an Upscale Dive Bar, a Restaurant that serves Global 'Gourmet' Comfort Food...." Guess he knows his audience. Place your bets: Happy Ending will open late this week, if not next.
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