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BREAKING: First the Opus Tasting Menu, Now the Chef

KOREATOWN: Knowing that Opus did away with those fabulous inexpensive tasting menus created at the whim of chef Josef Centeno, this tip that we got late last night doesn't come as much of a suprise: "Josef Centeno will be leaving Opus. That will effectively render Opus utterly useless in my book. He is in the works of opening a new smaller restaurant in Silverlake specializing in his tasting menu." We're yet to hear it from the horses mouth, but as we said, not so shocking. Centeno got high marks for his avant-garde approach to seasonal cuisine, created wacky "baco" night, fed people for under $40. PR worked overtime to make sure he was covered in all the right places (Food & Wine, Angeleno, etc.). The Hounds adore his tasting menus; Jonathan Gold said, "The last time I was in, the waiter confided that Centeno may tend to run out of ideas around course 14 or 15. Eight seems about right." Silver Lake is the right choice for the chef, but with Oaxacan cuisine and lunch service on tap, sounds like the restaurant is going in a completely different direction. It certainly won't be the same without Centeno's vision. Story developing.
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