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Seal the Deal: Eyes, Wallet Bigger Than the Palate

Gridskipper put out one of its handy-dandy maps today with restaurant picks that will "seal the deal" as they politely put it, or will get you laid no matter what. The list is heavy on atmosphere (Geoffrey's, La Dolce Vita, Il Cielo), as it should be, with a few foodie heavy hitters (Grace, Melisse), but otherwise the message is clear: You don't need a palate to score, just a lot of cash. The last time we ate at Geoffrey's, the food tasted like the Sysco truck it came in on, but who needs good food when you've got that view? And La Dolce Vita...sigh. Our fond memory entails edible pasta, but more the affable maitre 'd, who's worked there since the beginning of time, and his cheerful story of President Ronald Reagan passing wind in our very booth, which roused a simple "Oh, Ronnie..." from wife Nancy. Ah, the romance.
· Best LA Restaurants for Sealing the Deal [Gridskipper]