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Kimmel Winner: 'It's MOH-tsa, Not Mazda'

We have our winner! Out of the few good submissions for the Batali-Kimmel contest (thank you all for playing), here's the winning Mozza story:

I'm trying to cure a hangover by grabbing something to eat at Joans on Third (this is pre-expansion, so quarters are tight). Sitting there with a friend, I'm enthusiastically describing my meal. A guy in line overhears me. "Are you guys talking about Maza?" Now, I know he's referring to the same restaurant, but he's pronouncing it like Mazda without the D and I've still got enough whiskey in my system to be really really irritated by it. But this guy's interrupted my story, and I'm visibly perturbed. My friend notices and in that devastatingly quiet way, corrects him as she says, "It's pronounced Moh-tsa. Moh-tsa." I smirk and the guy shuts up. Then a server shows up behind my friend to hand me my dish. He quips, "Here is your moh-tsa ball soup."
Who is this, Larry David? No, just one of our local bloggers. Have fun tonight, Taste-Buzz Ron. With Mario's meatballs and DeVito's limoncello, we're sure hilarity will ensue. Be sure to give us a full report tomorrow.
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