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CONTEST ALERT: Mario Batali Makes Meatballs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight! You Can Be There

Molto Mario Batali, late of the Mozza empire and general chef/rockstar fame, will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight making meatball sandwiches. Other guests include Danny DeVito, who makes a limoncello snowcone, and Frankie Valli, all on hand to celebrate their Italian heritage and push Kimmel's Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro, which takes place this weekend. (Show airs 12:05 AM/11:05c.) As a special to Eater LA, the show has put aside two VIP tickets to the taping for a lucky pair of you fine people. The first person to send us their best Mozza story---Pizzeria or Osteria, real or invented---takes the prize. It's that simple. We'll pick and post the winner at 2pm. That leaves plenty of time to find a pair of orange Crocs to wear.
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*Important caveat: contest winner must be available tonight and able to be in Hollywood at 5:30 PM.