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Chef Stalking This Weekend

For anyone who loves food and gawking at celebrity chefs, LA is the place to be this weekend. We already have reports that Paul Prudhomme was dining at Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach. Floyd Cardoz of NYC's Tabla was at the snazzy Tanzore last night. Our tipster says: "He loved the space, loved the food and could not have been more gracious in offering his compliments and his best wishes for their success. (He couldn't help to notice J Gold's reference to him in Tanzore's review)." We know Batali's in the house or at least was. Someone asked if Bourdain and Anthony Zimmer were in town. (Would Bourdain go see his pal Tom Colicchio if he was?) If you see a chef sampling the best LA has to offer this weekend, do let us know. Bonus points for pictures.
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