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Plywood Busted: Katsuya Hollywood

An Eater operative keeping an eye on the Katsuya at Hollywood and Vine took some snaps and sends a progress report:

All the plywood and paper has come down from the Vine entrance. Shiny chrome signage added in the last few days. Those red kimono-like things are strung over the lighting in the entrance way. Black slate covering most of the walls. In the big two-story room to the right looks like a huge bar in the center going all the way to the ceiling. As I approached the door, I saw lots of action going on inside. To the left, what looked like all the future staffers sitting in gray Starck Ghost chairs watching some kind of presentation. As I pulled out my camera and started snapping, a woman dressed in all black raced out and made me delete everything I took while she watched. But as I walked away, I got this very blurry one of the entrance.
Indeed, one must be a stealth Plywood watcher. We will teach you, grasshopper. There's a party for the restaurant on October 9, but we're told the restaurant will open after. But training is at hand. We smell a soft open on the horizon.
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