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Giraud's Brasserie Still Unnamed, List Narrows Down

One of our Curbed siblings went to a hoity-toidy design party at Poliform, a furniture store on Beverly, last night. Guess who was catering it? Monsieur Alain Giraud, former Bastide chef, soon to be chef of an unnamed brasserie in Santa Monica. Knowing our insatiable hunger for restaurant gossip, they stalked Giraud for a snap (above) and a little info. First, a quick report on the night and the food:

"Poliform is a furniture store with a working kitchen (which they HATED). Burner not hot enough. Hated the convection across the room from the stovetop. Didn't think it was functional. All form, no function. They served figs with foie gras, mushroom risotto - amazing, asparagus - I dont know - mousse? served in egg shells, spicy tuna and watermelon skewers, scallops and pistachio skewers, and the best madeleines ever. Proust would be proud."
Could this be a menu of things to come? When asked about the name of the new restaurant, Giraud's sous said they rejected about 100 names so far, "but Shallot is a front-runner." Chef Giraud, you should check our readers' name suggestions. Brasserie du Temps anyone?
· Name Alain Giraud's New Brasserie [~ELA~]