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BataliWatch: Mario on Kimmel, Holding Court at Mozza

If Mario Batali has only 10 minutes to talk on national TV, be sure he'll hawk everything with his name on it. Last night on Kimmel, he talked the Mozzas, B&B Ristorante in Vegas, Ernst Benz watches, panini pans and his private label Italian wines. When he dished on traveling around Spain with Gwyneth Paltrow for upcoming PBS show, Kimmel asked if Chris Martin knew about it. Batali said "He is the jealous type, but knows I'm benign." With Danny DeVito by their side, the trio make a big meatball mess and down some limoncello. You see who held their liquor best.

Of course he'd hit his restaurants after. From a reader: "Mario was in the house last night at the Osteria. He was holding court in the little room to the side, with windows open so his party could eat and drink and smoke and basically make the other diners in that room super happy they got the best seats in the house. He was in full mario uniform as well. they seemed to be just ordering as we left after 9:30...loving the new late night restaurant scene at the mozzas!" One person's "kiddie table" room is another's private party lounge.
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