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Bastide Dining Room, Menu REVEALED

We're not sure what we're looking at here. The front dining room? The back? There are only four tables in eye's view. This new design is definitely not the old Bastide. Picture via UrbanDaddy.

While fervor over Bastide opening hasn't reached Mozza-type levels, we hear tomorrow's opening night is sold out, and it's getting tight for the rest of the week. For those who can't wait, we got our hands on the menu. Whether it's still in planning stages or this is what you'll find tomorrow is yet to be seen. It's just a glimpse. The break down:

(1) Non-descript course names leave much to the imagination. Executive chef Walter Manzke hasn't cooked in LA for at least five years (he worked for Joachim Splichal for nine years), but he was highly regarded up north. Very seasonal. What will "Risotto Like Paella" and "Thai Street Food" reveal?

(2) Prix fixe or nothing. Four courses for $80 and seven for $100. Wine pairings are an extra $50 and $80. Pork belly everywhere. Vegetarian upon request.

(3) They do everything for you. Not only is your meal decided for you, a 17% tip will be added to every check. Bastide staff was always worth a good 20%. Let's hope they still have it.

One excited tipster wrote in to say, "There will be a special "gift" for opening night diners." We have no idea what that means, but we have the menu just one page over. Click at your own risk.


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