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Govind Armstrong Says Table 8 Still Strong, Blames the Bloggers

We've been keeping an eye on Table 8 since the big goth-lounge reveal not because we want to antagonize chef and co-owner Govind Armstrong, but because we really really liked the old Table 8. Still, according to the Daily Dish, Eater LA bloggers annoy the chef:

Rumors have been aswirl lately about chef Govind Armstrong considering selling Table 8 because of slowing business. "It's definitely not true," Armstrong said on the phone last week from Nevis in the Caribbean. "It's unfortunate, but you know how bloggers are. They think they're in the know. It's the most annoying thing in the world."

Armstrong says that Table 8 is "so far from closing." The recent "Top Chef" judge says he's been spending three weeks out of the month in Los Angeles and one week in Miami or elsewhere. "L.A.'s home for me, and any time I'm in L.A., I'm at the restaurant."

For the record, we never said Table 8 was closing or that Govind was selling. Hell, it's not even on the Deathwatch. We simply posted one reader's recent experience at the very empty restaurant. But having Armstrong deny said "rumors" is almost like Lindsay Lohan denying she has a coke problem. There's one thing we've learned from reading the tabloids: Denial is the first step to acknowledgement.
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