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Summer's Really Over: The Pig, Shuttered

Yesterday was the unofficial end of summer (even though we're still sweltering), but hearing that long-standing barbecue joint The Pig has officially ended, too, well that's kind of a nail in the coffin. From our tipster: "I passed by on my walk this morning- it seemed to be busy anytime I was there, but apparently after 7 years they have closed. This is located on the east side of LaBrea, between Clinton and Melrose...what I thought was a very popular place...." The Pig maybe wasn't the best 'cue in town, but it was good and the place had longevity. We called the restaurant and catering number, both are disconnected. Website is offline. There's a change of ownership sign in the window, so maybe barbecue on La Brea isn't gone for good. We reached out to the owners via email but are yet to hear back.