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Top Chef Returns Tonight: CJ, Howie, Brian Team Up, But Who Will Stay?

Deleted the preview...damn thing took too long to load.

We felt a little robbed from Top Chef over the last couple weeks. First Tre was cut and, as every fan of the show has said loud and clear, it's a travesty. OK, maybe not that dramatic, but he really did seem like one of the top contenders. We picked him to be in the final four, if not final two. Wrong. And last week Bravo throws in a lame-ass rerun of the Season 1 vs. Season 2 showdown. So here we are, heading into the final stretch with the final seven: Hung, Sara M., Casey, Dale, Howie, Brian and our Venice friend, CJ. The above preview would have you believe it's all about Brian and Howie this week, so one of them could be cut. But would Bravo make it that easy? Well, they usually do. We saw another teaser that has San Diego chef Brian say, "I came here to win," always a kiss of death. That, and whoever Casey says she's BFF with this week. Brian going home would render our last rumination completely false. Howie going home would make everyone happy. Also, on producer Andy Cohen's blog, he says there is a "VERY dramatic moment" at the judge's table. Have at it conspiracy theorists.
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