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EaterWire Update Edition: Doughboys Still Closed, Cindy's Reopened, Valentino Delayed

Signage from Somah, Flickr

MID-CITY/BEV CTR: It was an equal case of vermin infestation and 'remodling' that closed the original Doughboys last month. The current outgoing message says the restaurant is closed "due to a long overdue renovation" and that the staff at the Hollywood location will know the status of the original cafe "and will be happy and able to answer any questions you might have." While the young chap who answered the phone when we called was pleasant, he didn't really know much more than, "It's closed" and probably will be "few more weeks." [EaterWire]

EAGLE ROCK: The kitschy Cindy's Restaurant, which got in the way of a speeding car in July, reopened a few weeks ago. Cheap greasy breakfasts are all yours. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: Construction delays got the best of Valentino's new spruced-up V-vinbar. It didn't open by last month's final 5x5 Collective dinner. Good news though: The $100 seven-course, family-style "Re-Construction Mondays" dinner will be good through October. And once again, free corkage. [EaterWire Inbox]