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The Hallowed Hollow Pinkberry

The biggest difference between devoted LA Pinkberry fans and NYC Pinkberry fans: Angelenos bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch to each other about Pinkberry's hollow swirl and nothing gets done; a New Yorker bitches to Pinkberry about the hollow swirl, and they get a free three-topping dessert. Management from Pinkberry HQ here in LA says, "This is an on-going training issue that we have been working on for a while." That, and trying to come up with ingredients that the public can feel good about.

While the hollow swirl thing is pretty scumbaggish, we don't see how it really makes a difference because you pay for Pinkberry by weight. Toppings cascade over a high swirl, almost oozing over the rim of the cup...isn't that what this city is all about, appearances? We're not saying everyone is easily swayed by "Ooooh, pretty!" We're not, many aren't. But hollow is as hollow does.
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Image from Eat for Victory

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