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Plywood: Java Detour, Le Saint Amour, Amarone in WeHo, More on The Point in Culver City

Here's a nice healthy dose of Plywood for a breezy afternoon. See someting sprouting nearby? Just holla.

WEHO: Many have inquired about the former Gozar or Voo Doo Lounge (whichever was last) space on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Robertson, and today our sibling Curbed sends us this snap. It's the epitome of Plywood, really. Look at all the wood! This deserves an investigation. First we heard a coffee shop is responsible for all that construction. A little more digging and we learn that it will be LA's first Java Detour, which sounds like a cross between Starbucks and Jamba Juice, with *gasp* a drive-thu. Now, before you get all giddy about never having to walk into a coffee shop again, there's no way in hell a drive-thru could work on that corner. A call to Java Detour HQ confirms that, no, no drive-thu. All other locations are in wide-open spaces, something WeHo woefully lacks. With Intelligentsia, LAMILL, Groundworks, Java Los Angeles becoming the new Seattle? [PLYWOOD]

WEHO: We heard from Florence Herve-Commereuc, who, with her husband Bruno, will open Le Saint Amour soon, but it's still a few weeks out. This is a new venture for the couple since they sold their Angelique Café downtown. [PLYWOOD]


WEHO: A tipster sends word about Amarone Kitchen & Wine on Sunset Boulevard: "Is it possible that a decent restaurant is opening on the Sunset strip west of Sunset Plaza? (No offense Nonna.) The space rotates restaurants seasonally. The sushi place next door always seemed very interesting (like, how the hell do these places stay in business interesting). The sign looks classy, "kitchen and wine" is a good start....Fingers crossed for this one." We're all ears. [PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: After posting about the copious amounts of Ply in Culver City, a couple readers gave us the scoop on The Point: It's owned by Vicki Fan and Kazuto Matsusaka from Beacon and has a tagline, "Fresh food for people on the go," which sounds like gourmet to-go. Until we hear back from the owners, that's all we know. Construction delays turned the spring opening into a fall opening, and just blink over there to the right, it should open on October 8.[PLYWOOD]