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The Dish: New Joan's on Third is HUGE

Holy crap, look at the size of Joan's on Third. Food Marathon was in for a little friends and family last night, and we champion his spirit to take pictures when he wasn't allowed to. Look at all that room to move, room to groove. No more pushing to order at the counter or fighting for least for now. From FM:

The service counter has doubled in size (that's the old counter in the back of the picture), as the western wall was removed making a large U in the center of the clean, white space. Separately standing in the northwest corner is the dessert counter featuring gelato, cupcakes and Joan's other notable sweets.
The cheese counter is also bigger, and the southwest wall holds all the deli cases with gourmet to-go. But the space isn't the only thing that expanded: Joan's now serves breakfast, opens daily at 8am to 8pm. Counter service is still the same, but there's a large communal table inside (cute girl on phone called it the "communion" table) and still lots of outdoor seating.
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