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The IcePan (Finally) Cometh

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It's only slightly warmer this week than last, so this chilly news doesn't excite as it should, but we hear from a tipster that IcePan on SMB and La Brea looks just about ready to ooze scoop mix: "I was at the West Hollywood Gateway last night, and the windows are no longer obstructed. There were a few people milling about inside, but they weren't customers. They looked like management types, perhaps training or overseeing some last minute changes." IcePan takes this whole frozen dessert thing a step farther by blending milk/yogurt/cream with fruit, and then mixing, a la Coldstone Creamery, on a cold metal cylinder. We called and no exact date was given for it's debut, but "sometime in the next week." We did note, however, that our favorite sales girl has been removed from the website.
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