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Readers' Choice: LA's Best/Ugliest Resto Uniforms

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One of our resolutions for 2008 is to get you, dear readers, much more involved with Eater LA. After all, we're all in this together. So like Curbed's annual Broker Boys & Babes contest, we're launching Eater Readers' Choice, a series of polls where you'll decide the best, ugliest, chintziest, smartest, fabulous or most foul whatever in our dining scene. The twist: We'll need submissions for said polls, and in some cases, we'll want photos. So let's kick this thing off, yes?

There's a story about designer server uniforms becoming more and more de rigueur in today's Los Angeles Times. Angelenos are a fashionable lot, so this isn't shocking news. What is questionable is if those designer duds are actually attractive and practical, or if it's really just to throw around names like Rachel Zoe (BondSt), James Perse (M Cafe de Chaya) or Project Runway's Jeffrey Sebelia (One Sunset) or Rami Kashou (Chloe) to get more press. So we ask you: Who has the best restaurant/bar/lounge staff uniforms in town? Who has the ugliest?

Here's how this works: Please send photos of servers in uniform, designer or not, to the Eater LA tipline. We'll sift through the pile (maybe even invite a fashion expert or two) and come up with the top contenders, then you fine folks will vote.

When submitting a photo:

· Please tell us the name of the restaurant/bar/lounge
· Who, if anyone, designed the uniform
· And why you're submitting it
No fast food or national chain uniforms, please. And it has to be a uniform, something an entire staff wears, not someone's individual creation. Deadline: All submissions should be in by January 24, and we'll start the polling on February 1. This is our inaugural attempt, so let's make this work people. Make. It. Work.

Any questions, comments, a poll you'd like to see? Lay it on us.