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Earth-Shattering Froyo News: Pinkberry's New Flavor

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After three years of chilly bliss, Pinkberry will announce a new flavor next week on its anniversary. Interesting that they're going there now, but about time. Other froyo shops---some with staying power, others not so much---have introduced interesting flavors to make themselves competitive. Sno:LA has fig-date and sour cherry. CeFiore has blackberry and raspberry-pomegranate. Cantaloop has blueberry.

Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip blogger and world's most authoritative froyo expert, believes the flavor to be coffee. For a company that takes such a healthy stance, even if it won't divulge what it's made out of, coffee seems like an odd choice. Although, as you know, coffee is so hot right now. The unveiling is Tuesday, and oh yes, we'll be there and all bloggy about it.
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