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The Dish: BondSt Debuts

We almost forgot to remind: BondSt opened at the Thompson Beverly Hills today. This is Jonathan Morr's New York City-import, sushi, Japanese fare, stylish Rachel Zoe-designed staff uniforms. Here's a look at the menu. We highly recommend the grilled quail and, oddly enough, the house salad with ginger dressing. Quite fresh, tasty, a nice twist on a basic. The sushi is good, but that's not why you're going here. Just off the lobby, the room is spacious, dark, sexy. That's why people will flock. If you're looking to try tonight, forget it: fully booked. Saturday night, however, there are a few openings (6pm, 6:30, 8:30pm and 10pm). Yep, it's that kind of place. Here's a sneak peek from earlier this week, and further reading here.