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Eater StarWatch: Avril at Cut, Kim Kardashian at Nate's, Favreau, Vaughn and Crew at Bar Lubitsch

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You don't have to give up your seat for Katherine Heigl to make it on the StarWatch. See a star or starlet chow down/sit down/snuggle in a corner at one of your favorite restaurants? Please, do indulge us.

CUT: From a reader: "Saw Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley (her hubby). Three kids asked Avril to take a picture. Deryck scooted out of the booth so Avril could take one with them. Afterward, I overheard the third person intheir party say "you can always says right now is not a good time." [StarWatch Inbox]

NATE N AL'S: Sunday 1/6: "Saw Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush today around 2. They were seated in the last row of the restaurant with their backs to the door so no one could see them. Reggie held the door open for an elderly couple as he walked in." Awww?nice. [StarWatch Inbox]

GINGERGRASS: A Silver Laker spotted (though sounds unsure) "a handomsely bearded (I mean that in the facial hair sense, not the Penelope Cruz sense, although...) Jake Gyllenhaal chowing down with a group of 3 other normal looking people." [Defamer]

BAR LUBITSCH: Hanging out in the Russian-themed bar on Jan 5: Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Justin Long and Jonah Hill. Also with them was Favreau's producer Peter Billingsley, better known to most of you as the "you'll shoot your eye out" kid from A Christmas Story. "It's official: my former favorite vodka bar is a dingus-filled celeb hangout." [Defamer]

CITIZEN SMITH: Mandy Moore enjoying some jalapeno tuna tartare at the Hollywood spot. [Planet Gossip

REAL FOOD DAILY: Entourage star Adrian Grenier "braving the rains for some fine vegan cuisine" on La Cienega on Jan 6. "Very cute and friendly as he waited for his friends at the bar." [Defamer]

KOJI'S SHABU SHABU: Someone spotted Danny Masterson in the Hollywood and Highland Complex on Jan 6. "Pretty non-descript except for the scariest moustache I have ever seen." [Defamer]