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The Great Froyo Melt: Yogurtree Falls, Yogurberry Not Far Behind. Shocking.

If 2007 was the year of color-fruit-berry named frozen yogurt shops opening all over town, then we officially dub 2008: The Year of the Melt. In June, Josh over at Curbed noticed the Yogurtree Plywood at the Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills. Six months later, it's just another blank wall. This, following the Yogurtpia closure in West Hollywood, and a tipster told us that Yogurberry on Santa Monica Boulevard looked closed for almost a week (we tried to confirm, but can't get a real person on the phone in the corporate office, and the listed number is a fax machine) proves that the small businesses are no match for Goliath. The Pinkberry giveth, and the Pinkberry taketh away.
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