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Riordan's Village Pantry Brings Big Changes to the Palisades

Fans of the original Mort's Deli in the Palisades might take awhile to warm to Richard Riordan's new Village Pantry. Not only has the place been wiped clean of its former self (save for the "planned" memorial wall for former owners Mort and Bobbie Farberow), but chef Douglas Silberberg was last at Michael's in Santa Monica and he's bringing with him fancy French toast, Niman Ranch meats and free-range eggs. With that, higher prices and a few raised eyebrows. The chef isn't pressed. He tells the Palisades Post:

"A lot of people will associate this space with the old Mort's for a long time," Silberberg admitted. "We can't please everyone, but we will please an overwhelming majority. Those who are not initially pleased will come around."
No exact date for the Village Pantry's debut, but probably a soft open next week. When the adjacent Oak Room opens, it will have only the second full-liquor license in the Palisades. Who knows what the Villagers will think of that.
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