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BREAKING: Kokomo Leaving Farmer's Market

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Photo from Here in Van Nuys, Flickr

A reader just alerted us to some changes at the historic Farmer's Market: "I had breakfast at the Kokomo Cafe yesterday and was told that they were moving locations." Well this is big news on many, many fronts. First, it might not be as old as Du-par's, but Kokomo has an extremely loyal local fan base. We're told that it's taking over the the Eat Well location on Beverly Boulevard and will open by mid-February. That Eat Well and Kokomo Cafe are both owned by Alfredo Diaz (he also owned the Silver Lake location, now closed and currently in escrow, but not the WeHo or Glendale locations), so the move will be swift, and hopefully seamless. Both restaurants will remain open during the transition.

No word on what's in store for the empty Kokomo space at Third and Fairfax, but rumors are already flying that it will be something "chainy," especially since that side of the market already has Pinkberry and Starbucks. The closing date is quite vague, too; we're told by someone in the company that it isn't necessarily closing by Feb, but "sometime in the next couple of months." And even more Kokomo news: Diaz will open a "free-standing" location somewhere near Park La Brea later this year.