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Breaking Dish: Medusa, nee Lowenbrou Keller, Open

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Photo via Tiki Central Forums

Confirmation just came in: The cleaner, spiffier but still odd Medusa Lounge, the once and only Lowenbrou Keller, reopened this week. It's been quiet---mostly friends and family to work out food and service kinks (still not completely erased)---but the vaulted ceilings, the fantasy, the Teutonic decor are very much intact. We don't have the full exact story yet, but the rumor goes something like this: The new owner, an artist, was a fan of the original Lowenbrou and knew owner George Eder, a former set designer who built the restaurant. There's something about a handshake and a promise to buy the restaurant whenever the Eders were ready to sell, and not to long ago, widow Renate Eder was ready. The menu has Asian and French influences now, no longer the homemade taste of schnitzel and sausages. Still, for all who lamented the possible loss of the Lowenbrou decor, cheers. Opens at 5pm daily, Sundays are dark. [3211 Beverly Blvd.]
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