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Non-Breaking News: Pinkberry Swirls Coffee

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Spotted, pre-"big announcement," Metromix

The promise of an extra secret new Pinkberry flavor was as hollow as a chilly bliss swirl. On Friday, we were told that Crackberry would announce a new flavor this week and that it's a big huge secret, but people already knew it was coffee because it's been advertised in the shops for awhile. We called a location this weekend and the swirlers made no bones that the new flavor is coffee and that it would be available on Tuesday; Metromix snapped a pic of a menu. How utterly?unexciting. As far as flavors go, coffee seems like an odd choice for Pinkberry, but really no surprise since Starbucks founder just pumped $27.5 million into the company. Consider this an ode to Howard Schultz, with cookie crumbs on top.
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