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Week in Reviews: Comme Ca, Honda-Ya, Let's Be Frank and MORE

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S. Irene Virbila calls David Myers' Comme Ca "effervescent," "fun" and "it's a hit", and that's all in the lead. She peruses the menu in depth, appreciates if not downright gushes over dishes like the French onion soup, tarte flambee, the bouillabaisse and the cheeses. In short: She's pleased as punch.

I can't think of another French restaurant in L.A. where people are eating with such gusto. Unlike Sona, Myers' first restaurant, this is anything but cutting edge. He's surprised us all by going for something utterly traditional and deeply satisfying.

The lesson has to be: If you make food people want to eat, they will come. In droves. How hard is that? Obviously, quite hard, or the French chefs would be outperforming the Italians all over the city.

But where Myers and chef de cuisine Michael David succeed with the menu, they lose half a star for seasoning (salt is one of the "persistent flaws") and noise level ("it's like sticking knives in your ears"), natch. Comme Ca gets two-and-a-half stars. Today the "S." stands for "spunky." [LAT]

ELSEWHERE: Gorging on grass-fed gourmet hot dogs at the Let's Be Frank cart in Culver City; sampling cicchetti at All' Angelo; respectable sushi at Yamato; we're shocked Thaitalia is still open in Old Town Pasadena, but more so that people like it; food and culture mix at Zeidler's Café at the Skirball; and charcoal-grilled pork belly, chicken gizzards and ice cold beer at Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo.