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Top Chef Reunion: Marcel and Hung, Vegas

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Just when we got over our Top Chef withdrawal, a tipster recently made the rounds in Las Vegas and dropped this in our inbox today:

"I ate at Company, An American Bistro inside the Luxor awhile back. The space is nice, really nice compared to the rest of the Luxor, which should officially be called the Suxor. Anyway, it has the wintry lodge feeling that seems to be a popular decor these days. The food was so-so but i confess I was drinking too heavily to notice it. Nicky and Paris Hilton came in later with entourage but that's not what interested me. Hung, Top Chef winner was eating there and apparently Marcel is a cook there. ("Just a cook, nothing more," our waiter told us.) So I guess Marcel was making food for Hung that night."
According to the Company website, the exec chef is Adam Sobel, who worked at Guy Savoy, which is where season three winner Hung Huynh worked. Season two runner-up Marcel knew Hung from chef school, so they're buds. And Marcel's MySpace page says he currently works at Company. So there you go---one big happy family. Now someone tell us when Top Chef: Chicago (season four) will air so we can move on.