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Eater Sneak Peek: Little Dom's

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We slipped into Little Dom's last night for a little preview, and our first impression is that Warner Ebbink is an ace at making an entirely new space feel like its been there forever. This was previously LA Belle Epoque, sure, but the space was gutted and rebuilt with recycled goods---the curved wooden bar comes the Midwest, glass block for windows and light fixtures were salvaged from previous lives, and who knows about the mounted fish over the door---so that it feels as comfortable as a well-worn pair of jeans. It just fits. The MENU is classic Boudet, approachable Italian fare, fresh, priced right, tasty; different enough from Dominick's, but similar, plus a pastry chef (budino, anyone?) This could only mean good things to come. Look for a soft open tonight for dinner; breakfast and lunch will be added down the road.



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