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First Mode, Now Royale?

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There is certainly something adrift in the world of restaurateur Tony Jones. Yesterday, all sorts of innuendo was tossed around his 24-hour French/fashion-inspired Mode downtown. And then we got this about Jones' other restaurant, Royale:

"Have you heard anything about Royale being closed?? I made a reservation thru for dinner in 2 weeks and they just sent me back a reply saying that several customers that booked through them got to the restaurant only to find it closed. And when I call the # on their website, I get a recording (during business hours) and when I try and leave a vm for a reservation there, I get that the mailbox is full! Help!"
Unfortunately, we get the same "mailbox full" message when we call, and it looks like OpenTable took it off the site. We did hear a rumor that Royale was on the market some time ago. So unless we (or someone) stops by or can confirm otherwise, we'll throw this one on the shuttered or sure-to-shutter pile.
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