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StarWatch: The Celeb Table at La Dijonaise, Javier Bardem's Pinkberry, Chelsea Clinton at The Abbey

We leave the paparazzi swarm and intrusive cameras out of it for the StarWatch. See a celeb out on the town? We'll take that tip right here, please.

LA DIJONAISE: Talk about the StarWatch seat: "Thursday the 10th we were at the counter of our local bistro in Culver City, and my business partner spotted Mel Brooks in the corner wearing big dark glasses and a baseball cap. He was with a woman. They finished lunch and left and the next person in the same seat was Demi Moore and a female friend of hers. We have also been in the same restaurant when her ex Bruce Willis and several of their offspring have been at he very same table." [StarWatch Inbox]

COMME CA: Lunching on Jan. 9: "Saw Jessica Simpson with two of her girlfriends. Burger is the best in town. A+" We assume the burger gets an A+, not the Simpson. [StarWatch Inbox]

PINKBERRY: He must not be from the neighborhood: Javier Bardem and non-descript woman spotted holding chilly bliss along while strolling Abott Kinney. [Defamer]

THE ABBEY: Looking good, first daughter Chelsea Clinton was spotted at brunch with friends. No stumping, but they left in a giant van. [Defamer]

CHATEAU MARMONT: Quite the motley crew spotted at the hotel. Mary-Kate Olsen, having lunch with two friends. Nearby, Tim Robbins and Mos Def. [Planet Gossip]

YABU: Not much to it, but Jason Schwartzman was dining at the West LA sushi restaurant. [Planet Gossip]

GENGHIS COHEN: Spotted last Friday at the Fairfax resto, Kyle MacLachlan looking every bit the preppy Orson Hodge with a table full of younger men. [Defamer]

CANELE: Siblings Moon and Dweezil Zappa were spotted eating with brood and friends last weekend. Suppressing?the?urge?to?say?like, totally?fer the max. [Defamer]

AROMA CAFE: Sunday afternoon, 1/13, Studio City: "Along with all the bitches (literally and figuratively) clogging up the joint was Gary Oldman, with a youngish woman, looking startlingly hot." [Defamer]

AMMO: A reader sends a double header. On 1/8, she saw Sharon Stone with a few friends at the Hollywood eatery. They must've been there for the amazing seasonal ingredients. [StarWatch Inbox]