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Eater Inside: LA MILL

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We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Here's a little Inside to get you through.
Alen Lin, 1/14/08

We teased, we previewed, but here now is a crystal clear look inside the LA MILL Coffee Boutique. Hard to say if the fancy decor and higher pricetag is swaying or deterring Silver Lakers, or if the Chemex and Clover-prepared coffee, vegetarian hen egg with crab dish, clam fritters, pork belly panini or damn good citrus currant scones will pull in more non-neighborhood types than locals. But the concept---and this is a whole new world of caffeine consumption---has the curious going in droves. Craig Min and his crew take coffee seriously; ditto Providence chefs Michael Cimarusti, Adrian Vasquez and the kitchen staff. Is this a place to sit for hours with a laptop while nursing cuppa after cuppa? No. Not at all. There's a Starbucks on Glendale Blvd for that. LA MILL is more coffee-infused restaurant than coffeehouse, so adjust expectations accordingly. Stir. Sip. Enjoy.