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Reason #52 Why Eater Loves Vegas: Lunch, Off-Strip

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Several hotel/resort workers told us that they're constantly asked asked by tourists: "Do you live in the hotel?" No, Poindexter, there's actually a huge, growing, sprawling city beyond the pyramid, Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower. We've heard about Rosemary's for years, one of those places all the foodie mags mention when talking about life beyond the celebrity chefs and big-budget buffets. We popped in for lunch and found a typical neighborhood experience. In short: Nice three-course prix fixe for $28, selecting dishes from from the entire menu; good, tasty, seasonal accents, fresh ingredients, maybe a bit too saucy, circa 1999; friendly staff, if not too formal for a strip mall restaurant. We're told dinner is always packed, but there's a bar for solo diners and last-minute detours. An easy and worthy diversion, especially when all that damn casino clanging starts to get to you.
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