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Hollywood Double Plywood: The Kress, AsiaLA

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Teasing: The Kress

1) From the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, we learn more about The Kress, "a restaurant and entertainment center located in the former Frederick's of Hollywood Building." Visco Entertainment invested about $10-million to create a 200-seat restaurant, entertainment/dancing venue and rooftop lounge area. A tipster recently sent these cellphone snaps of that spot. He says: "The old garish lavender-and-pink paint job has been covered over with a more tasteful beige-and-brown color scheme, and the ground floor has been outfitted with French doors recessed from the sidewalks – perhaps there is to be sidewalk seating? The whole affair is steeped in chinoiserie, from the phoenix on the medallion door pulls to the embroidery on the inside of the red silk hanging lamps, so I expect this is going to be some sort of Asian-fusion place." The last debut date we saw attached to this project was October 2007. Soon? [EaterWire Inbox]

2) Also endorsed by the Chamber: AsiaLA, the restaurant going in the former Upside Down Club on Argyle and Selma, the one with "gender illusionists." More about those guys/gals here. [EaterWire Inbox]