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Reason #35 Why Eater Loves Vegas: Substitutions Welcome

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Eater will be coming to you live from Vegas all week long. Woohoo! We'll see what kind of goss we can drum up, maybe check out Batali's new restaurant CarneVino at the Palazzo (since it's just about the only one open), see about all this hubbub at the Luxor, and maybe even check out the Vegas outposts of LA's Ago, Trader Vic's and Koi, well, just because. Perhaps we'll stalk Hell's Kitchen winner Rock at the Green Valley Ranch or Top Chef's Marcel at Company. It's Vegas, people. Who knows what kind of trouble we'll get into. But until then, we had breakfast at Tableau at the Wynn resort, and found this note on the menu quite refreshing. Please ignore the exorbitant prices for simple breakfast items, and under the omelette (sorry, we don't have the fancy photo tools that make big red arrows and such) note the "substitutions welcome." Not just allowed, but welcome. In LA, the trend is more "no modifications, no substutions." Vegas: The finicky eaters paradise.