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Reason #8 Why Eater Loves Vegas: The Service

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The bar at CarneVino, looking to the left...

Hate the Vegas strip all you want, but we've come across amazing--really, truly fantastic--service in these restaurants. Maybe it's because the staff is unionized, but these are professional servers and bartenders, people who have been in the business forever and genuinely love what they do. Case in point: We're at the new Palazzo resort and stopped into the Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich Italian steakhouse CarneVino to make a reservation for another night (easy) and peruse the menu over a glass of wine. We watched two bartenders tag-team with a few guys who didn't know what they wanted to drink. One bartender knew various nuances of the gins, how many times one was distilled, what it's comparable to; the other knew everything about "the brown" liquors. Food knowledge, what wines would be perfect with what, never intrusive, good conversation?we leave totally spoiled. They just know how to take care of people, and they do it with style and ease. We know not every LV server is an ace, and we've come across some choice servers in LA, but many could learn a thing or two out here.

Um, yeah...and to the right. The ambience, kinda lost.