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Favorite Vegas Time Suck: The Stripsteak Interactive Scotch Menu

Walking around Mandalay Bay today, we stumbled upon this interactive menu for Michael Mina's Stripsteak. We've been to the restaurant before---very good, natch---and knew about the more than 100 different kinds of Scotch they offer, but we didn't notice this because it's kind of off to the side, and in passing, it just looks like another advertisement for the resort. But get up close and this four-feet-tall touch screen lights up with a map of Scotland. Hit a region, and you get the different Scotches from that region. Hit a Scotch, and you get a picture of where it's from, history, characteristics. We don't know much about Scotch, don't really drink it, but this fascinated us for a good 10 minutes.
· We're in Vegas for a week! [~ELA~]