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Jump On the Open That Bottle Night Train

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We reported on Open That Bottle Night earlier today, but just had a thought: Maybe restaurants around town can offer a no-corkage or a special OTBN low-corkage fee for one night only. That way eople who've been saving a special bottle of wine can drink it in a fabulous restaurant. They get a nice locale, a chef-prepared menu; the resto gets a four top, and maybe a sip of a California cab or a nice Bordeaux that would never make the wine list. A total win-win.

Here's what we'll do: Restaurant owners, chefs, managers, sommeliers who want to offer no or low corkage on February 23 (yes, a Saturday, but still...), let Eater LA know. We'll get the news out to our readers and make a night of it.
· An evening to uncork memories [WSJ]