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Dana Hollister "Pulls Back" on Bridge Tavern

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Royal Clayton's: Working or not? Fridayinla, Flickr

While Cedd Moses and 213 Inc. goes full force on opening a new downtown nightclub every 1.2 years, Dana Hollister---co-owner of Bordello and Royal Claytons--is holding back her newest Bridge Tavern, which she says "is ready." She tells Metromix:

"I think that people haven't really moved Downtown and I kind of feel like our businesses down there could perform better. Obviously, we're involved with Royal Claytons and we also have Bordello and we haven't really seen the kinds of activity that were hoping to see there. So I think opening another venture, maybe pull back a little bit and wait until we see a little more people out and about. There's a little bit of a pull back in downtown."
There is a lot of Plywood downtown, so perhaps she means the high-end resto/nightclub and residential side of things instead of fast-cas and froyo. Maybe it's not just downtown, and the downturn is affecting every neighborhood. What say you?
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