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Good News/Bad News: Restaurant Week Day 1

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DineLA's restaurant week debuted yesterday and reports are starting to roll in. There were a lot of detractors when the event was announced---is it really worth the money, are the menus representative of the restaurant, is it just a big marketing machine---but on the other hand it's a good way to check out a resto for cheap (relatively speaking). Some early good news/bad news to get us all in the mood for the week ahead.

GOOD NEWS: "Ben Ford himself walked through the dining room several times, and jumped behind the bar for at least an hour, pouring drinks and expediting orders. He's pretty dreamy, in that goofy-cool chef kind of way?Was the prix-fixe meal worth the price? Absolutely. By my calculations, my meal of salad, porchetta sandwich, and creme brulee would have cost about $35 if I had ordered from the regular menu -- $22 for a delicious three-course meal at a hot new restaurant is definitely a good deal in my book." [LAist]

BAD NEWS: "I chose the $25 Sunday dinner at Fred Eric's Tiara, which I've never been to and I always loved his Vida and Fred 62. Out into the inky black wet night to what I hoped would be a fun new time. Get seated and ask for the Dine LA tasting menu, no, they only have the set tasting menu, which is originally $38 but they are offering for $34. I say "It said $25 on the website." No, it's just this menu, no choices, $34. I ask if they have internet access and can check, and I mention that I thought we could chose the appetizer and main. No sorry, that's all we could get. So I really felt jerked around by the whole stupid mess." [Chowhound]

Screen shot from the Tiara Cafe page on the DineLA site clearly stating $25 for dinner with multiple choice menus. Oops.