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Cedd Moses, Neal Fraser Recreate Cole's French Dip

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NCLee1955, Flickr

Cedd Moses has a firm grip on the downtown nightlife scene: Golden Gopher, Seven Grand, Broadway Bar, reconfiguring Casey's, and he'll soon open the ultra-exclusive $5,000-membership Doheny (next month). But it's his plans for Cole's P.E. Buffet that might cause some rumbling. From the Downtown News:

With the tricky $1.1 million renovation nearly complete, Moses said he plans to reopen Cole's in May with a restored bar, new kitchen and inviting patio. To celebrate the venue's 100th anniversary this year, he'll kick-start a "friendly rivalry" with Philippe's, which also claims provenance of the French dip. Moses said Cole's will feature a new and improved version with custom mustards, fresh horseradish sauce and hand-sliced meats.
Neal Fraser is the consulting chef for Cole's, and it's not that he'll make a bad French dip, but should he/they change a 100-year-old recipe? Your thoughts in comments.
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