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The Shutter: Sebastian's of Toluca Lake

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Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares is 1-3 when it comes to Southern California restaurants. Last season, they visited three reginal restaurants: The Secret Garden in Moorpark, which we think is still open; Lela's in Pomona, which closed before the episode aired; and Sebastian's in Toluca Lake, shuttered as of last week. We were tipped off about the closure, and, sure enough, the outgoing phone message confirms: "We are closed until further notice. We moved out to Boston for a month or two to deal with some family business." Translation: Being on the show totally backfired. It's never easy watching a restaurateur lose a life savings and watch a dream die. But then you read one Eater "guest" commenter who insists that a choose-your-own-sauce "concept" is brilliant and Ramsay is a hack: "MY PIZZA WAS GREAT BEFORE RAMSEY CAME, SO WE RETURNED TO USING THE FROZEN DOUGH WHICH TASTES MUCH BETTER THAN THE FRESH CRAP HE HAD US MAKING." Good times.
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